Friday, August 19, 2011

a good week

The follow up x-rays of Sarah's hand were great. We do not have to go back until February to see the specialist. There will always be a chance the tumor can grow back as long as her growth plate stays open. So we will have to keep following up with the Doctor for a few more years. Hopefully soon, we go to one year visits.

She if feeling better after the chemo on Tuesday. All of the girls are excited to go hear Bethany Hamilton speak at Fellowship Church tomorrow. My girls are huge Soul Surfer fans! They highly recommend the movie.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

another request

Thanks for your prayers yesterday. The appointment was very smooth and Sarah's numbers are good even with the increase in her daily chemo pills. She did not feel very good today so please continue to pray for her.

Also, please pray tomorrow as Sarah goes for a follow up for her finger. Even though the tumor was benign it still can grow back so we of course don't want that to happen. We also continue to pray that Sarah's finger grows straight as the tumor was on her growth plate.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Number 8

Tomorrow is Sarah's monthly chemo appointment at the clinic along with starting steroids. Please be praying for her as she is more tired and nauseous from these trips. The appointment is at 3pm.

Also, a few weeks ago we went back to visit an old friend at Sea World in San Antonio. Elrod the sea lion is a hit in the Clark family. His legend grew even more after seeing him act in his show. He is a precious creation from our heavenly Father.

I also want to thank Mike Poole and Sea World for all they've done for Sarah and our family. It is great to continue to receive these blessings to help us keep our endurance.