Friday, July 6, 2012

At the flour mill

Sarah was asked to be a part of The Portrait Project: Courage and Cancer. She went for her photo shoot this week in the old flour mill in Downtown McKinney. It was such a neat place to take pictures. You can see some pics of her and the other cancer kids here.
There will be a fundraising event where each child's picture on a large canvas will be revealed. The event will be in September, and the money raised will go to the Children's Cancer Fund in Dallas.

Sarah wasn't feeling her best during the photo shoot but really wanted to make it through. She has some fever tonight and a sore throat. She also has continued to have some strange, dry, itchy, rash-like patches on her hands and arms and face. The doctors said that during this time of recovering from the chemo, many bad things can occur. So, we are just living one day at a time, still, and praying our way through each thing that comes. I guess that's what we all should be doing anyway:) But in the daily rush, we forget. Even this mom of a cancer kid. So we can even be thankful for the chemo side effects as it brings us back to living full right in the moment. I need to do more of this.