Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Upcoming Events

We are excited to be able to represent our wonderful hospital, Children's Medical Center, in a few upcoming events.
First, this weekend Sarah will be one of ten children whose stories will be told as they ride a float at the Children's Holiday Parade in Dallas on Dec. 4th. The parade starts at 10am and will be on Channel 8 WFAA in the Dallas area. The parade is free and you can also buy tickets for bleacher seating. Find more details at . An American Idol winner and now recording artist will be a part of the parade with Sarah and the other kids. Since we have lived in China for the past few years, Sarah doesn't know what American Idol is much less who this guy is. So we have caught her up a bit (not too much though) on such things before the parade:)
Second, next weekend is the Radiothon at Children's Medical Center Downtown in Dallas. Our family will be interviewed on the radio as part of this event on Thursday, Dec. 9th sometime between 11:30am and 1pm. You can listen on the radio at 103.7 Lite FM or online at .
Pray that we all stay healthy and rested so we can enjoy these wonderful opportunities.

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