Monday, February 6, 2012

less than 2 months

Well, we have the end of chemo in sight! Sarah will go next week for a clinic visit and chemo and then we only have one more month to go. March will be the big month! The week of March 11th she will take steroids for what we pray the last time. On March 23rd, she will have surgery to remove the port and they will do the last back procedure at that time. On March 26th, she will take her last chemo pills!! My eyes swell up with tears as I read that sentence.

I personally have not dreamed much of that day because there are so many challenges we face on a daily basis, but as we get closer I am finding myself thinking about it more. I wish I could say I was a man of great faith who did not have any doubt that she would not face future challenges with cancer. I wish I could truly relax and not worry about her on a daily basis, but that is not the case. The cancer can come back, she could have many struggles with her body going through chemo "detox". We could find out years down the road that the chemo made her infertile. This will not leave us, it is a challenge Sarah, Anne and I will have the rest of our lives. The temptation is to fear bad news about Sarah's health and future.

The only Hope we can rely on is Jesus. The One who has walked with us during this challenge. I am continually reminded how my life is a daily struggle. I might not ever know the word 'relax' again, but I can still find Peace in the storm. Thank you Jesus for that calm even though my life rages with fear and doubt. We are in such need and the good news, Gospel, tells us that He can provide for all our needs. Wow, what a savior!

Please don't forget us in your prayers. Sarah still has two years of monthly checkups at the cancer clinic. Her liver has taken an extremely amount of chemo over the last two plus years so we pray that nothing was seriously damaged. Please don't forget to pray for the Clark family. Now that we are almost to the end of the health battle, we have many emotional battles. Each one of us have emotional scars from the pain and hurt so we pray for emotional healing also.

Finally, we want to thank you soooooo much. Your prayers are so comforting to us and I praise God for this blog. It has meant so much to us.

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Anonymous said...

What a trip it has been and yes what a great and mighty Lord we serve. Sometimes it seems a long time since we first received the news from Hong Kong about Sarah's illness and sometimes it seems like it just happened. Praise the Lord!!

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