Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MRI today

It's been awhile since we posted something health wise, but Sarah has an MRI today. A month or so ago, she developed a tumor on her shoulder, but the doctors say it is a benign tumor like the one she had on her finger. (See posts of June, 2010) Of course, this is a huge relief, but the MRI today is to see if they need to remove it. If so, she would have another surgery. Our prayers are that she doesn't need a surgery!

This has caught us a little by surprise as we sort of fell into the new normal of monthly checkups and then bam, this happens, and wakes us back up. The good news is that Sarah just finished her first year off of chemo so we go to every other month for appointments at the clinic.  Another answer to prayer is her horse lessons seem to be helping with her anxiety and coping issues.  She still has problems but we can see she handles new circumstances a little better so please keep praying for her to continue progress with her emotional health.

We should know something by the end of next week and will keep you posted about the surgery. (Also, the doctors have no idea why these tumors are popping up so that causes us a little worry.)

On a much better note, Sarah will have her fourth sibling born around mid-September. We are waiting to see if she can finally have a brother. :)

Thanks for your prayers.

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