Thursday, October 28, 2010

Safely in Asia

Jay arrived safely in Hong Kong with his body clock fully shocked (by the 13 hour time difference) and ready to go. He will be going to Cambodia after the weekend and then back to Hong Kong and the back here in about a week and a half.
The girls were sad that he had to go and it helped to have a fun outing planned for after we took him to the airport. One of our Make-A-Wish volunteers arranged for us to go to Build-A-Bear at Stonebriar Mall and let all three kids make one. Sarah, being the wish child, was able to pick out whatever she wanted to accessorize her bear (well, Check Spellingshe chose a bunny). We had a talk beforehand about not going crazy and keeping our greed in check. And they all did very well.
Two days down and 8 more to go. I have already started raising my voice a little too loudly and reprimanding a little too much and it's only been two days. Seems I'm asking forgiveness for doing those two things so much that I don't think any actual lessons are being taught other than asking forgiveness and that Mommy is weak and frail, too, and gets easily angered and frustrated. I really need to keep my eyes on Jesus and not on the three little button-pushers in front of me all day.
God has already sent some help my way when I have needed it and it continues. His grace to make it often comes from those He puts around us. I pray I hear his still small voice when he is calling me to be that grace for others.
There are also pictures of the Light the Night walk we did. The one in Plano was cancelled due to weather so we all joined the Dallas walk the next day. Our team raised over $1000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Thank you all for giving. Sarah wore her survivor T-shirt so proudly and we carried our lighted balloons that evening around the streets of down-town Dallas. It was a privilege.

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