Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting Chemo Again

Sarah's counts are all up enough to start chemo again, but they are starting her daily chem pills at half dosages in order to avoid the liver stress. Then I guess we will reevaluate to see if it is a) not effecting her liver and b) still enough to fight the Leukemia.
Sarah's spinal tap is Wednesday where they take a spinal fluid sample and then inject some chemo. It use to be weekly and now it is every three months. So it is good that it is so infrequent, but that makes it scarier for Sarah when it does come around since it isn't 'routine' for her anymore.
We are really getting excited about the Light the Night walk and the grand opening of Tiff's Treats! Thanks to all of you for such encouragement and support with these things. It is helping Sarah start to inch back in to her former confidence.


Brad said...

Cristal here.
Boy we have been missing you guys here. Maybe it is the knowing you are not coming back any time soon...We have been praying for Sarah every supper time that her whole body will continue to heal and heal. Loved seeing the hair growth on the video!
Really proud of all of you!!! love from all the Koop's

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
This is Jon Schultz again. I pray that Sarah Grace will be filled with the Father's grace and that her liver will be protected and the chemo effective. I ask that her parents will be filled with the Father's hope and strength. God bless yall!


Anonymous said...

This is Jon again. Sarah, thanks for helping me grow in the Lord and for your cheerful smile!
Jay, do yall have facebook? :-)

Shannon Hilliard said...

Praying for Sarah Grace, thrilled you too will soon have a fantastic four. We are all doing well love our new staff team and the energy and love they bring. Watermark Community Church is up and running in Cyberport. Wish you all were here.


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