Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snacks for Kids and other tidbits

With Deborah Faith joining our family it has put us a little behind in blogging so I will give you a quick update.
1. Snack for Kids: As you can see from our picture, this is one of our snack runs to the clinic. Rebekah is helping us on this particular day. Thanks so much for everyone who has given. I wished I could have taken a picture of the teenage girl, who was in the clinic for treatments, when we walked into the office with our stroller full of snacks. To bring a little smile on a hard day is a wonderful experience.

2. Sarah is playing softball! Her team's, Comets, "funny" picture shows her having fun with her teammates. She is doing so good. Thanks to our world class physical therapist, Ellen, she is able to run with the other kids. The last two games she has doubled three times and scored each time. Again she has amazed me with her courage. To get back out and play a sport after the last year of having to relearn to run and regain her mobility shows so much about her character.

3. Lil Wrangler Event. Wow what a difference a year makes. If you look back to the pictures in April of 2010, you will see Sarah without hair and she looked sick. Now, you could hardly tell she is still taking Chemo.

Please continue to keep Sarah in your prayers. Recently, we had to go to a dermatologist because Sarah has developed a rash on her face. Unfortunately there is not much we can do as long as she is taking her monthly steroids. For the next year, we have to keep cleaning and most of all praying that it does not leave any scars on her cheeks.

We pray everyone has an wonderful Easter and rejoice that our Lord has Risen!


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