Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wish Night and Game ball

It looks like we are on schedule for monthly reports! I believe this is good news because it means we are just doing life together without any drama from Sarah's sickness. Below are a few updates from the month:
1. Sarah's blood counts have continued to be where the doctors want. Her ANC is in the low range(where it is supposed to be), and even liver enzymes have been in acceptable ranges for a few months. This is a huge praise, and thank you for your prayers.
2. May has been filled with many events. I posted a few pictures for you see:
a. Sarah received the game ball in her last game of the season. She did so good all year and we are so proud of her courage to play even though there were a few games she did not feel 100%.
b. We participated in "Wish Night" for Make-a-Wish Foundation of North Texas. Sarah and Hannah were among the group of Wish kids that performed for over 1400 people at the banquet. The theme was Sweet Things and they were in three of the dance numbers. Sarah and Hannah(the other two lost the battle early on) were able to stay up until midnight and eat the famous "midnight breakfast buffet" along with watching the live auction. As you can see from the picture, Sarah had an art piece auctioned off. I believe the final/winning bid was $66. The funny story is Sarah's Wish Volunteer was bidding and promised Sarah that she would win! During the night Anne and I were sitting and talking and Sarah comes running up very upset. She says,"Another lady has bid on my painting!!" Well the other lady overheard Hannah saying to Sarah that it was sad that more people had not bid on her painting so this lady started a bidding war. So we are sorry Tony that Hannah made you pay more, but thank you for your perseverance in winning the bid! :)

Anne sends her love and gratitude for your prayers. She has been full speed with all of her many tasks of home, kids and schooling. Deborah is growing fast and will be two months old next week. Wow, I can't believe she is already two months old!

For June we will update you with our trip to family camp in Colorado. A wonderful lady has raised donations and reserved the camp and is sending 35 families that have kids with cancer to YoungLife family camp for one week. God is truly amazing how he continues to bring exciting things into our lives just when we need refreshing as a family.

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