Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Spinal Tap / But now inpatient

Thank you for all your prayers. Sarah was in the best mood ever during her clinic visit and spinal take and IV chemo yesterday. Everyone went great and we were home before lunch. But then Sarah started having bone pain and shortness of breath with a 103.5 fever. So we went back to the clinic and since her fever and pain weren't going away, she was admitted to the hospital. Sarah is feeling better now with pain meds, and she loves being inpatient (a little too much). The doctor said we aren't going home today though.
Hannah has been sick since the weekend and her doctor said it was a possible strep so she is on antibiotics. But Hannah is still spiking fevers and not getting better. And Rebekah is getting a bit of a fever now too, so I am taking them both back to the pediatrician today.
Jay leaves Monday for Asia, so we are praying that he miraculously will not get sick or take any of these sicknesses with him!
We hope to get some more exciting pictures up soon from our week in Colorado, but it might take a little longer than expected.

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