Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to Work and Riding for Sarah Grace

I had lunch with a friend today and he asked if everything was ok. He then said, "I have not seen you post anything lately." It then dawned on me that it has been a few weeks since I have written.

The main reason for not writing is I officially started back to work in August. Through many people giving and helping us, I was able to take six months off of full-time, full-day work to walk with Sarah through this process. I believe it helped me more than her but I am so thankful I was able to go to the appointments, chemo sessions, surgeries, blood counts, etc. As a father, you realize that you are the visible representative of God the Father in your little princess's life, so I wanted her to know not only her earthly father loved her but her heavenly Father loves her so much. So thanks so much for your gifts that allowed me to take a lighter load.

Now, I travel for the first time since Sarah's diagnosis. I will be in Hong Kong and Cambodia starting next week until the end of August. Please be praying for Anne, Sarah, Hannah and Rebekah. We have all enjoyed being so close over the last six months, and it will be hard for us to be apart.

On another encouraging note, above is a picture of Dave Elliott. He is riding in a race soon and one of the people he rides for is Sarah Grace. We are excited to see the stickers and to know he writes her name on his hand as he trains so he can remember her. It is also for a great cause and I have no idea how Dave is training in this 100 plus degree heat everyday, but God did make him special.

Finally, a short update on Sarah. She is doing great. They went to Gilda's Club (Cancer Support Community) today and had a blast. She has been able to spend time with another little girl who is battling Leukemia. We live in a different world where our 7 year olds are discussing their surgeries and the pills they have to take each night. It is a blessing for Sarah to have a friend like her. Sarah also went to see Hannah at gymnastics, and Sarah even went out on the floor and jumped on the big trampoline with a coach. Her strength is coming back fast, along with her hair, but she is still struggling with coordination, mobility, and muscle strength. So please keep praying for her and us.

The best way to explain our current situation is using an example of running in a long, long race. (At least this is what I've been told!) At first your breathing is fast and hard with the first few miles the hardest, and then you set a good pace and your breathing slows and you feel much better but you are still running a race. This is how we feel at this time. We are past the hard part, but we are still running a hard race - so we continue looking to Jesus for peace and calm.

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