Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sarah's New Hat

Today was Sarah's day to go get a chemo infusion at the clinic. But there were some fun things in store today too.
Caps for Children gives a cap to children with cancer, and they can get it signed by a famous person of their choice. Sarah choose the Duggar family since we have watched them some while in Hong Kong and since we have been back. Their youngest has been in the Children's Medical Center in Arkansas so Sarah has felt even more connected watching the show lately.
The cap arrived back today and just about the whole family signed it! Sarah was so excited. Some of them even put some verses under their names for Sarah.
Then after Sarah's chemo infusion she helped the hospital accept a donation from Capital One. Sarah was so sweet as she said thank you and took pictures with some of the hospital and Capital One employees. You can see one of those pictures above.
We are getting things ready for Jay's trip back to Asia. Even though we all hate to be apart, this is actually the best time for him to travel. Sarah is doing great and is at a very uneventful time in her treatment. We have been in this house long enough that I feel comfortable being here and with the day to day of life here. And we have so many of you that are close and always willing to physically help us and those of you that might be far away but are so willing to encourage us over long distance. I feel very blessed to be able to feel confident and secure about Jay's trip. Jesus has graciously kept Jay here until now and I am so grateful for that time. And Jesus has been building us up and preparing us to get ready for this trip for a while now. I undoubtedly know this is a good thing.
With Skype, Jay will still even get to lead our morning family devotions most of the time (before he goes to bed in the Hong Kong time zone:)
And we are happy that he will be able to bring home a couple more boxes of our things that are still in Hong Kong. We have lots a boxes and other stuff still there in the tiny apartments of friends - most of it is in one friend's apartment as she has gone beyond the call of duty as a friend to help us so much!
Sarah had such a good time getting her cap today and helping receive the donation for the hospital that she said in the car, "If I didn't have Leukemia, I wouldn't be getting to accept the donation and help the hospital!"
Sarah just sees Leukemia for all its benefits and that it is just a part of her life. I must say that her mama isn't always so optimistic. Sarah does still have her down times when she is sad that God picked her, but don't we all have those moments about some of the circumstances God chose to put in our lives to bring Him glory and us to know Him more. For the most part though, her childlike faith and joy in God is at the forefront as God continues to lead her and us.

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