Sunday, August 29, 2010

Going Home

I am sitting at the Hong Kong airport waiting to board my flight back to the U.S. This trip through Hong Kong has been good and bad at the same time. We love Hong Kong and try to wait patiently on God to bring us back, but when I look around and think about the good and bad times it is difficult.

The best way to describe it is the feelings I had when passing the hospital that Sarah was diagnosed with Leukemia. As my train went by the hospital my stomach turned in knots feeling the hurt, sadness and grief, but as I started to remember this is also the same hospital that Rebekah was born. So then I am happy and hopeful and excited about the future. By looking at one building I have these mixed emotions. Just sitting in this airport brings the same emotions. I remember the wait to board the plane in February. I was so nervous and worried about the "what ifs" of Sarah being in an airplane for 12 hours. Yet, I remember the other fun times we had as a family as we would travel back to the U.S. with so much excitement to see family and friends.

These examples are the best way to sum up my emotional roller coaster ride the past few weeks. So much happiness along with so much grief. I guess this is just life itself. As you journey through this world, you feel the highs and lows, but yet what is the meaning of all this. Why care, worry, show excitement/joy when there is so much pain? Simply it boils down to one thing. Where is my joy centered? If I try to just focus on things of the world which include my family, it is easy to fear and be filled with despair, but if I stay focused on the One who brings complete joy and hope then as I think of my family I find peace. This One is Jesus.

God has been teaching me about relying on Him, and I shared about it at Tung Chung Church last Sunday when I preached in Hong Kong. I is surely more coherent than these words I have written here because I am a bit tired at this time. haha To listen to it just go to and it is the sermon from the 22nd of August.
I pray God speaks to you as you listen.

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