Thursday, June 3, 2010

Admitted Downtown

Sarah was admitted downtown today since she developed about 20 red spots on her upper legs. No one is able to be sure of what it is, so they are being cautious since it could be chickenpox, which would not be good for her condition. It could be other viruses as well or another type of infection. they did a biopsy today and cut out two of the raised red spots to see what it is, but that takes 24 hours. We are still hoping to get the biopsy done on her hand tomorrow at 10am (which was already scheduled at the Legacy location so she might have her first ambulance ride up there and then back down to Dallas). This biopsy will require putting her out. She isn't so upset about that now since they didn't put her out to cut off the two bumps today. But she did so very well with minimal tears. She is just so strong.
Sarah is getting a bit down though just having to endure yet another setback. Even in the midst, we are seeing God's hand. Yesterday we got a few phone calls and somehow ended up with a few meals brought over in one day. And with one of the meals, there was some cash in an envelope. Now I understand why that happened - since we will be in the downtown hospital for several days now and Jay and I will be trading off being there, and Jay's parents are here to help out. So the meals will cover those days. Also, we had to pay tolls and parking and food and such today since we first has to go to the Legacy Children's hospital and then downtown to Dallas Children's hospital. Now we know why God sent the money, too! Thank you all for your faithfulness and service.
(Although next time several meals and some money come in at one time, we might just go ahead and pack a hospital bag!)

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