Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Through God's wonderful grace and mercy, we were able to see the bone tumor specialist today. With yesterday being a holiday, it was going to be hard with referrals, etc. for the insurance, but everything worked out for us to go to the appointment.

It looks like they will perform the biopsy on June 14th. This is the only new information. The specialist said the same thing as the other doctor from this weekend so nothing new on the issue. They have to wait until Sarah finishes her 7 days of steroids that she starts tomorrow, and then wait a few days to get them out of her system. They will do the biopsy, and then if it is benign, they will cut the tumor out and repair the hole. If it is malignant, then the cancer doctors will determine what steps to take.

Please pray that the new nausea medicine works as she has chemo again tomorrow. We don't want to be back in the hospital with dehydration again, so she has to be able to keep liquids/foods down.

God has been filling us with strength and peace. We were actually having fun at the doctor's office today. It is great to see Sarah getting her strength back, and she had fun playing with her mama and daddy. She has also received an extra dose of happiness with her grandmama and granddaddy coming to stay with us. Jesus' love truly does endure forever and ever.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. I know the next two weeks will be very long; waiting always seems to be the worst part. I would like to share our doctor visit from today. Ben is four and has been in the maintenance phase of his A.L.L. treatments for a couple months. Today he received his most recent check-up and doses of I.V. chemo. I asked how often they see tumors in the A.L.L. kids and was told they see them quite often. She went on to say that they are much better treating the tumors on children with leukemia than adults. I am always comforted to know there is a plan to deal with these "setbacks" and I hope you can find some bit of comfort in that as well. We families of cancer patients all have the setbacks ranging from broken bones to crazy liver enzymes. As a parent its frustrating, difficult, painful, ... and most certainly challenging. Sarah will pull through and in a couple months you'll be wondering how you managed to get through the past few months.

I would also like you to know about our friend Brnadon. He has two weeks remaining in his A.L.L. treatments. We are holding up Brandon at our house as a light at the end of the tunnel and proof that God's working even when we're not seeing it. Brandon has had many setbacks over the past three years (including the I.C.U. several times in addition to E.R. visits and physical therapy). I know Brandon is a long way out from where Ben and Sarah are; however, Sarah's getting close to being done with the worst of it. Those first five months were absolutely miserable. Your recent posts remind me all too well of how tough it was. Hopefully you can find comfort knowing that you are not alone on this journey.

Stay strong brother and sisters,
Bemidji MN

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