Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stitches and Dim Sum

Some of you have seen the pattern - no blog update means we are enjoying a rest from chemo and side effects. We haven't written a blog update in 7 days, and we have been enjoying every one of those days without chemo. But we have still had three doctors visits to take out the stitches from the biopsy on her red bumps, take off her cast, and check her blood counts. There is still no definitive answer on what the red bumps are. They are fading though and no new ones have sprung up, so the doctors are just happy that it wasn't a bad infection of any sort.
Her stitches on her backside and leg are healing, and her finger is cast-free but pretty swollen with a big incision and a little pain. Sarah finally got the right sized sling and is enjoying the novelty.
After one of the appointments this past week, Sarah really wanted some Chinese food. She hasn't really had any since we have been back. So we went to a Dim Sum place and the people working there were from Hong Kong - Kowloon actually which is on the subway line from our house there. Sarah kept saying how happy she was for the food and the chopsticks and the hot po lai tea. Rebekah might have eaten the most as I had to keep stuffing pork bun and steamed shrimp bun into her mouth with my chopsticks.
Now we are getting ready for next week as we start the last round of the intense chemo for the next month.
I have just been going through the motions of cleaning and cooking and errands and such, not able to plan anything or even schedule a visit with anyone as we can only take each day as it comes right now. It has started to effect my spirit as well. I find myself just going through the motions of church and singing and reading the Bible, not really and truly fellowshipping, praising and worshiping. Don't know why I am in such a place. I do want to be excited again about praising God and longing to hear Him speak to me through His word. From past experience, such blah spiritual feelings stem from a self-centeredness. Funny how I am one of billions of people on a tiny planet in one of thousands of solar systems, and I still have a problem of making myself so important in my thoughts. I need a renewal in thinking, once again. God is the beginning of ALL things, everything. And I am truly grateful that He called my name to know Him and to search out the truths He has for us on this earth. It really is an exciting life if you take time to ask Him for eyes to see the true reality, to grasp the reason for our daily living here, to walk by faith and not by sight. I need to make the time to do that right now. Without it, all the errands and the cleaning and the cooking and the motions lose their meaning.

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