Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hannah's Ballet Recital

Thank you for your prayers. Hannah enjoyed her 'first time ever on stage,' as she calls it. We might have uncovered a heart's desire and a talent of Hannah's. She really does love to dance and is actually really good at it. And it is so encouraging to me to hear her tell anyone who asks that she dances for God and He even sent a costume for her to be able to dance on the stage!
Sarah also felt good enough to attend Hannah's recital! We were so excited to enjoy the experience as a family. We even had both sets of the girls' grandparents there and their aunt, uncle, and four cousins. It was such a blessing.
During this next week, Sarah will get her stitches removed from the biopsies on her red bumps. And she will get her cast off if all looks well on her finger. We will also go get her blood counts checked to see how she is doing with the chemo. But she will not get any more chemo this week, which she is happy about.
The hard part starts on the 23rd now that it was delayed for the finger biopsy and the chicken pox scare. And although it will be one of the hardest chemo phases yet, it only lasts a few weeks.
I am praying even now for the strength only Jesus can give.


goodknightfairmaiden said...

Super well done to Hannah for providing such excellent entertainment for a fun night out for everyone. You have a very special gift! LOVE-ing the costume too. I and W want to know if you get to eat the lollie? So pleased to hear there is no chemo for Sarah this week. Sounds like this could be a good break!

Jennifer said...

Bless! Hannah looks gorgeous and what a wonderful extended family occasion. Hannah has given you all a very special memory. So glad Sarah could make it and that she has a break from therapy for a while. Hope you can all regather during the break.

Brad the Dad said...

Hannah looks so adorable, and man can I see how she has grown since you left HK!! And Sarah got to go as well. My kids said 'I think Sarah got to go because we were all praying so much'! Yes, I think we have a good,no, a GREAT Father!
May your week be a blessed on of resting and regathering before the next stream!
Love from the Koops!

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!! God is good, thanks for sharing the good news of the Clark family outing -- sounds wonderful. These chemo treatments will soon get easier, for Sarah as well as mom and dad.
Sending prayers and thanks,
Bemidji MN

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