Sunday, May 30, 2010

At Home for Five Hours

One of the favorite movies for Sarah and Hannah is Pollyanna. In the movie, the little girl Pollyanna teaches everyone the true meaning of thankfulness by bringing out the good in all situations. We are having to copy Pollyanna's attitude by trying to think of what we need to be thankful for because we are a good bit tired and discouraged.

Sarah was discharged from the hospital today at 2pm. We were finally all home and everyone was exhausted so we had long naps. Sarah woke up at 5 and she was running a fever. So in five short hours we are back at the hospital (emergency room). Hopefully we will go home soon once she finishes her antibiotics, but we are still concerned that this virus/cold/infection keeps rearing it's ugly head. They are doing more test tonight and hopefully something will show.

As far as her finger, we are going to see a tumor specialist on Tuesday. He is working with an orthopedic doctor and he will talk to us on Tuesday and plan the biopsy later this week or early next week. None of the doctors are confident they have seen this type of tumor/lesion before and so they are not making any commitments. I've been praying that God bring us new mercies each day with encouragement through the doctor's words and we have felt that. All of the doctors do not believe it is a new type of bone cancer. (the worst case scenario) The tumor specialist and orthopedic doctor both feel it is a benign tumor that is more aggressive than others. (best case scenario). The test to our faith is they are not ruling out the a rare, really unprecedented possibility that the leukemia has come back in this type of bone tumor. Our Heavenly Father gave us encouragement with this issue with our hematologist doctor in the hospital taking us through her blood counts to show us that nothing is really showing a relapse. Of course, we will not know until we go for the biopsy.

We ask you to continue to remember Sarah as she will have another treatment on Wednesday, start steroids and then have this biopsy. Even if it is a benign tumor the removal will be pretty hard surgery to make sure her finger continues to grow correctly. So we sit at the emergency room remembering we are to be thankful in all circumstances and as we look to the glory of Christ who has felt pain as a human and as Hebrews tells us that understands our pain, we find thankfulness.

I am exhausted so hopefully I did not ramble too much. Anne will read this and edit it soon. :)


goodknightfairmaiden said...

Stay strong Clark family. We are all here with you in Spirit. I will try some Pollyanna thankfulness, if only to lighten your load, somewhat. So here it goes: Thank you for sharing your faith so eloquently. The resilience communicated through this blog has touched us deeply. You may not be aware that what we learn from your family's Bible teachings and life experiences remains with us long after logging out for the day. I speak from the heart when I say I have grown from it. Thank you for this silver lining. It is not much, I'm sorry. We would all rather Sarah was back in HKG enjoying Pocky and Yacults... Praying Sarah's virus/cold/infection abates and the treatments on Wednesday all go to plan. Tell Sarah and Hannah, thanks for the idea. I will have Isla and Will watch Pollyanna too - it is a great philosophy!

Anonymous said...

Sarah is certainly remembered in our prayers, as are the rest of the Clarks! Thank you for the updates. I appreciate knowing if my prayers have been answered or if I need to continue reminding Him.

Sending prayers and best wishes to all,
Bemidji, MN

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