Friday, May 28, 2010

To the ER we go

Last night Sarah's temp. started climbing and by about 1am it reached the magic number where we have to call the hospital. The doctor said we needed to bring her in since she is in such an intense round of chemo. Jay took her while I stayed home with the others.
They got home this morning at 6:30am and the diagnosis was a possible urinary tract infection. Sarah is still running a fever but they gave her IV antibiotics and sent her home since her blood counts were so high. Which of course makes me uneasy thinking the high blood count is due to the Leukemia cells in her hand, which is why we have to get the MRI today.
I am about to go to my doctor's appointment to hopefully be done with this staph wound and also to try and convince them to let me stop the one antibiotic that is making me so nauseous and only take the other one.
Then we will probably have to go on into the child cancer clinic at the hospital to see further what is going on with Sarah. And the MRI is still at 3pm, but we found out it would take 2 hours and they don't have a slot for sedating her. But she hates being sedated so she says she has incentive to stay really still.
Jay is exhausted and went straight to sleep. Sarah slept some in the ER so she is wide awake. It is never good when the two adults are very sleepy and the three kids are ready to go:)
Since Sarah was at the ER this morning and had to have her port accessed, they agreed to keep the needle in and the tube attached and just tape it to her since they will use it this afternoon for the MRI! She is very happy not to have to get poked again today.


Corrie said...

Yall have had such a week! We feel helpless almost to physically assist you...but we pray and pray and pray some more.

We pray for others who can be hands and feet.

We pray for grace and strength for all of your bodies.

We pray for peace as you wait and we pray for healing in all aspects.

And we hurt because you are hurt. May the God of hope, the God of peace, the God who loves and keeps His people be abundantly gracious to you each moment of these days.

Shannon Hilliard said...

What a week, praying praying praying on this rainy day in Hong Kong.

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