Thursday, May 27, 2010

A short update

Thanks so much for your emails and prayers. They have been so encouraging to us and we can feel the God of Peace, which transcends all understanding, as we guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Yesterday, we had three doctor appointments and we do know more info:
1. Anne went first and the staph infection is responding the right way to the new antibiotics. She has to go back on Friday and hopefully they will be able to take out all of the "stuff" they have inside the place they cut out. We do know it is the antibiotics that is making her sick so she has another week to go with that.

2. I took Rebekah to the doctor when Anne was taking Hannah to her last ballet before the recital. Rebekah has an ear infection and she started her antibiotics yesterday. She is still not happy about losing her morning time with mommy but she is doing better.

3. Then I took Sarah to her treatment while Anne needed to stay home with Rebekah. Sarah endured another round of chemo that made her sick almost immediately. She vomited a few times last night but this morning she is feeling better.

4. Sarah's MRI for her hand is tomorrow at 3. Please take the time to pray for her because she will be in the tube for about 45 minutes. Anne and I will be able to sit at her feet so hopefully she will feel secure with us there. She has to be completely still for the entire process so that is a challenge for her but it is better than sedation. We don't know if we will have the results immediately or if we will have to wait until Monday. We continue to rest in Jesus and cast our burdens to Him. His grace is truly sufficient. This doesn't mean that Anne and I are going about life as normal, but it does mean that each time the horrors of the "what ifs" come to our mind, we call on His name to protect our hearts and minds. In this way, His grace is sufficient.

Blessings, Jay


Justin said...

I hope and pray all goes well. I know you will let us know.

Derrick Bryant said...

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for the upcoming MRI and I hope all comes back normal. Love yall

Koop Tribe said...

I talked to my prayer friends in Canada and they were interceding for you all yesterday as well. Went to Tung Chung to day, it ain't the same without you!!!!!!!
Will be praying for Sarah's MRI tomorrow. May your truly all know Jesus is 'closer than a brother', and feel his Spirit surrounding you all!

Kathryn Woodmansee said...

Just want you to know that we are praying for you all and Sarah at this very moment (3:22pm). . .I know the Lord will give you every bit of strength that you need at just the right time.

The Woodmansee Family

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