Friday, May 28, 2010

First Hospital Stay on This Side of the Ocean

When we went in to the clinic today to follow up on the ER visit, Sarah had some signs of dehydration and she was still vomiting quite a bit, so they decided to admit her after the MRI was finished. She did great in the MRI which turned out to be over an hour. Jay stayed in the room with her at her head as she was in the tube with earphones on listening to her music. We had thought there would be a movie to watch, but there was only music. Jay said she was so brave and did everything she was asked to do even though she started off a bit teary-eyed.
Then around 5pm, she was admitted to the hospital. The good news is that her heart rate is already coming down as she is getting fluids, but she is still vomiting. If we get that under control, she should be able to go home tomorrow. A fellow mom who has a son with Leukemia recommended a new anti-nausea drug to me and they are trying it out now to see if it works for Sarah.
The bad news is that the MRI did show that she has some sort of tumor. Although this news is hard to hear and threatens to steal our hope and trust, we are still by God's mercy able to persevere at this time and continue to look to Him and no where else. Pray that He holds us in that place.
Tomorrow the bone doctors will come by and check out how they will biopsy her hand (take a piece of it out to test it) so we can see if it is malignant cancer or benign. The doctors seem to think there is more of a likelihood that it will be benign and something that would just require surgery and some recovery and that's it. There is a chance it could be the Leukemia or another cancer, but both of those would be very rare.
I am still able to pray in hope that it is not cancer and that this test of our faith will soon pass.
Thank you all for praying.


Jody Fuller: The Stuttering Comic said...

Jay, my friend, my prayers are with Sarah Grace and the rest of you, as well. It saddens my heart knowing this precious child is going through all of this. You unwavering faith is truly inspirational. God bless you all.

Suzanne said...

Hello Clark Family - I heard about you from Jill Bott (Brooke's mom) Sarah and all your family have been in my prayers. My son, Philip, is also in treatment for ALL. I will pray the nausea subsides for Sarah and that you all will be home soon. Prayers for the tumor to be found benign.

Peace of our Lord be with you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Clark Family, we are praying for you!

Yesterday my husband shaved off his (remaining) hair and to date has raised over $4,000US for cancer research through St Baldricks.

He spoke to the crowd about Sarah Grace and her family who are now in the United States. And other families we have known. The man running the event has a 12 year old son who is a cancer survivor.

We cannot fathom what you are enduring, and we are so glad you are not ever alone.

Tess Lyons and Charles Caldwell
in Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very tough week at the Clark house. Hang in there Jay and Anne, my heart breaks for you, these setbacks are an unfair kick when you're already down. Praying for good news and lots of recoveries for this coming week!

in Bemidji, Minnesota

Gatchalians said...

Stay strong. We are with you in prayer.
The Gatchalians

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