Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Miracle

Today was a 6 hour hospital visit in which Sarah got lots of blood drawn, a spinal tap procedure and two IV chemo drugs. She was groggy for a long while after waking up from the procedure and tonight has been sick a couple of times. We started steroids again tonight for a week, and she wasn't able to keep all of them down tonight. But she tried so hard and really did give it her best even with feeling so sick and tired. We continue to be very proud of her.
The pictures (click to enlarge) are of the Little House on the Prairie play that our family went to on Sunday night at the Fair Park Music Hall. A wonderful friend asked the Manager of the Summer Musicals to please donate some tickets for us and he donated four for our family - the best seats we have ever had! He even asked us to come to the Executive Lounge during intermission to meet Sarah. He gave her a beautiful children's book about the theater and Hannah was beyond excited to get Root Beard (Beer). The play was just wonderful, and we all had a great night.
During these past two weeks of rest for Sarah, we were also able to finally meet another girl Sarah's age who has Leukemia and is a year ahead of us in treatment. I have been emailing her mom from the beginning and she has been a great help and source of encouragement and info. for me. It was so nice to get our families together. Sarah was happy to meet someone going through similar things and I even overhead them playing doctor at one point and of course they were treating everyone's Leukemia:)
Two weeks ago, I blogged about that horrible day at Hannah's ballet when the teacher didn't call me and they class was trying on their costume's for the recital that day for the whole class time and Hannah doesn't have one since we joined too late to order one and too late for Hannah to be in the recital. (That was the morning that I was taking Sarah's temperature every five minutes because it was rising and actually we went straight to the hospital from the ballet studio - not a good day.) Well, when we were at the hospital today, the dance studio called me while my father was with Hannah at her ballet class. She assured me that Hannah was just fine, and that she was calling because the last shipment of costumes came in and there was an extra one. I told her that I had talked to another mom last week who had joined in Jan. and hadn't received her costume yet so it was surely hers. Then the studio called me right back and said that it did belong to that other little girl but that there was STILL an extra one that they have no idea why it was there. Well, we knew right away how it got there - God was blessing a certain little girl who has been so good about not being able to be in the recital and who has still practiced her dance faithfully and been so attentive in class and nice to her classmates! So, in five minutes today we have added a major event into our already crazy life - a dance recital at the Eisemann Center. Hannah was without words when Sarah told her the good news, and we are now praying asking God to take care of the details and doing so with so much faith, a might add, as we have just witnessed Him doing a miracle in Hannah's little life.
We are so thankful to God for continue to prove Himself to us when we need it most. He is a loving God.
Seems there is a delay in getting insurance to approve Sarah's leg braces so we are looking a longer wait than expected. We are trying to remain in the peace that God has this under control and it will work out as He has planned. We are still awaiting approval for the physical therapy, but the therapist is able to come for four free visits even without insurance approval, and Sarah is already doing so well!
Thank you all for your prayers and all the meals we have received over the past few months and all the encouragement and practical help. We are able to see and feel God caring for us through you.


Anonymous said...

Very glad to read that Sarah is well enough to continue moving forward in her treatment protocol. Every treatment is one more step in the journey. The week of steroids is not nearly as bad as that first month -- hopefully she'll get the hang of keeping them down (Ben likes his with waffles and syrup). :-) Last time he suffered the effects of nausea he was concerned I would throw away the waffles while he was in the bath tub! Foreign to me of thinking of wanting to continue eating in that situation but not for him.

Yeah for God bringing the goods for Hannah's recital. Thanks for sharing the stories -- I'm very glad to hear Sarah has met another child, and Anne another mom, of a leukemia patient. These relationships have been amazingly helpful to us in our journey through childhood leukemia. For fun you might try asking Sarah who her favorite doctor is -- Ben always chooses a nurse as an answer to that question. :o) Will keep praying for the Clarks in the dance hall and hospital.

Bemidji MN

Donna B said...

Great news to hear that Hannah is going to be in the dance recital. Thanks be to God who put the extra costume in the mail with the others! I know Hannah must have been overjoyed! She will do great in her recital and please send me some pics.
I am so glad also that you all got to go the play. I am sure the kids really enjoyed this wonderful treat.
I will be continuing to pray for Sarah that her body will adjust quickly to all these meds she is now having to take and for the side effects to be as minimum as possible.
We love you all..Donna Sue

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