Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mess

This past week has not be a good one for us. Last week's treatment was very hard on Sarah. We've been having to give nausea medicine every six hours to keep her from being sick. Along with this she is taking steroids so her stomach feels a little nausea and hunger at the same time. She asked me the other day in a very pitiful voice, "Daddy, have you ever felt nauseous and hungry at the same time?" I said, "No, I can't say I have ever felt that before!"

The weekend was not any better as Rebekah has picked up another cold. We think it might just be allergies, but she has a fever and a horrible cough. On Sunday, Hannah started feeling sick with a cough and a low grade fever. I finally had to force Anne to go to the doctor because of what we thought was a spider bite on her back. It turned out to be staph infection so she had to have it removed and then yesterday, she developed more bumps which means she could be "colonized". She also is fighting a horrible case of nausea. To add to Rebekah's woes, Anne is being forced to ween Rebekah because of the strong antibiotics she is having to take for the staph infection. So little Rebekah is sick and being weened at the same time. I must say, the Clark house does not have many happy people. We are trying to keep our joy through the fruit of the spirit in all of this.

Yesterday, another storyline developed which is tempting us to stress and be very anxious. After Sarah received her PEG shot (this is when three nurses stand around Sarah and give her three shots at one time), we talked to the doctor. Last week, Sarah formed a little bump around her left index finger. We showed the doctor and she sent us to have an X-ray. The X-ray shows something is not normal but they cannot tell if it is just an odd-looking fracture or possibly something much worse. There is a probability the leukemia could come back in her bones, so they cannot rule out it could be cancer. This is also another side effect of the chemo - other cancers. She has another treatment tomorrow, and then she has an MRI on her hand on Friday. I know it sounds strange, but I am really hoping it is a fracture. Please be in prayer for us at this time, especially Sarah. She can sense from us when something is not good, and it is making her nervous also. Pray for peace, that only our Savior can give, and for there to be nothing wrong with her finger.

We praise God for you sharing our burden with us.

Blessings, Jay


goodknightfairmaiden said...

Lifting you up, Clark Family. We do share your burden and want you to know you are not alone. I'm sending a huge virtual hug from our family to yours. lovelovelovelovelove

Gatchalians said...

Will be storming heaven's gates for you, Jay, Anne, Hannah, Sarah and Rebekah. Warm, comforting hugs from all of us here in Manila.

Rebecca said...

Thinking of you all...My god be with you and guide you through this as he has always been.With lots of Love Hugs and Kisses from the Cownie's xxx

Derrick Bryant said...

Jay, Anne, Sarah, Hannah, and Rebekah I wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope things get better. I love you guys very much.

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