Monday, May 3, 2010

Sharing the Suffering

Today, Sarah had her final treatment for the Interim Maintenance stage. She did a great job. These days our morning family devotions have been on the fruit of the spirit, and this week is joy. This morning before we left, we talked about one way to find joy in hard times is to remember God's blessings in your life. We did that today and God blessed the time with joy. Anne had one of her dear friends come by and bring us breakfast at the hospital since we had to start the day so early. She sat with us during the IV fusion and it was a great time catching up with her. God answered our prayers and sent joyful blessings throughout the day.

After Sarah's nap, we went to the barbershop for me to share in Sarah's sufferings. As you can see from the picture, it was a makeover for me. As a father, watching her suffer physically has been so difficult. One of my biggest responsibilities is to protect her. Instead I am usually holding her as people stick her with needles and inflict all different types of pain. I cannot stop it from happening or share in that part, but I can find other areas to encourage her. One of those is by going bald with her. Of course, I was already working on that before this happened. :)

We received the protocol for the last part of the intensive treatments called delayed intensification. As the name says, it is going to be extremely intense. She starts on May 19th and over the 56 days, she will have a mixture of 7 chemo drugs and 1 steroid. Thankfully they are not all at the same time but in various combinations, but as you can imagine it is going to be very hard for her little body. We will keep you updated on the exact dates in a later post so you can keep her in your prayers.

Today, we go to bed joyful that the God of Hope is working in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Looking good -- Sarah's smile is priceless! Delayed intensification is where we began to feel comfortable with the "routine" (if one can call it that) and medical staff. About half-way through delayed intensification is where I finally got the feeling "this is going to be ok" and hopefully that feeling will come sooner for you. The drugs and procedures are nasty stuff but that's how God is working his miracles to return Sarah to health. You all remain in thoughts and prayers.
Todd F in
Bemidji, MN

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of father and daughter! I've been catching up on your journey and it is difficult to grasp all your family has been through in such a short amount of time. I pray for the upcoming intensification that it will be 100% successful. We will continue to pray for the daily strength needed to endure each day.
Thoughts and prayers,
The Olsen family
Seattle, WA
Old friends from Hong Kong Mom's Bible Study

Anonymous said...

Hi from HK
A few weeks ago, many people who have been praying for Sarah went to Dumaguete Philippines to lead an ICM Kid's Camp. Our theme??

here is my husband's recount on his blog if your family would like to read about it.

great pictures.
xo tess

Jerry said...

As another Father of 2 girls (and 1 TBD) my heart breaks for you as Dad. At the same time, I am encouraged by your faith and your walk. It is evident in your transparent, heart felt comments on this blog. I went back to the very beginning to get caught up and am amazed at how brave Sarah Grace. It's amazing how she in ministering to so many people though this trial. We hope to see you all soon, and at least you and I can grab a cup somewhere. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I am praying for you all.

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