Saturday, July 10, 2010

All Cooped Up

This past week we have been homebound since Sarah's numbers have been so low. And of course there is never a dull moment with two other family members having red rashes show up too!
Rebekah developed a rash of tiny red blister bumps below the back of her head and on her shoulders and a little near the inside of her wrists. I is acting like heat rash and she did have a pretty sweaty naptime that day, so that seems to be under control.
Jay's turned out to be poison ivy. We searched the yard and the internet and figured out that it is growing in the back corner by our fence and by our trashcans. I snapped a few pictures of it for your future reference.
Also, with all the rain, the grass grew so quickly and the mosquitoes and other biting insects starting getting in our house when someone went out the door. All three girls have several bites now, but our 'Grass-cutting Angel', Brian, came today and now all the grass is short and pretty. So we all got in the car and rode around while the girls watched Gigi -God's little princess and drank Jamba Juice. When it started raining, poor Brian, we thought it was safe to head back home.
Sarah is feeling sad again about not having a 'normal kid life' and being jailed in the house. But she did get a new book in the mail and was extremely excited. It was called "Chemo, Craziness, and Comfort". She kept reading us all the chapter titles with such enthusiasm. I did have to tell her to stop though as I am well-read now on all types of childhood cancer, and it made my stomach turn listening to Sarah try to pronounce the list. So she moved on to the chapters on Eating, Pets, and Surgery - surgery being the most interesting she said.
Looking forward to days of freedom...

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