Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feeling good but low blood count

God has been so gracious to us over the last few days. Since the last chemo treatments and shots, Sarah has not been sick. She went to the clinic today for her blood test and Hannah went too. Hannah decided to get her blood taken too to support Sarah (and also just to see if there were any 'germs' in there. Our friend, the phlebotomist, said Hannah's few blood drops looked fine and that Hannah was so brave!)
Sarah's numbers were really low as they should be with all of the chemo she has received. The doctor told us to take it easy and to stay indoors for the week, but we have to go back and check her blood in two days. The doctors anticipate Sarah needing a transfusion on Friday since her counts are still on the way down. (platelets 20, hemoglobin 9 and white blood count(neutrophils 615).

We have some really exciting things happen over the last few days that is really going to make July special. Anne will update you soon on the specifics, but I just wanted to let you know your prayers are being heard by our gracious Father. We have been struggling as a family with being isolated and it all seems to be taking it's toll. We have been praying for opportunities to get away from the house and experience some fun family time. We will be doing that this month!

I also wanted to thank my parents. They left last week after staying about five weeks with us. It was not easy for them, especially with my dad suffering from tendentious in his foot, but they were troopers. We were all so sad to see them leave. When they first arrived, they walked into chaos with Sarah going through almost two weeks of hospitalization and a biopsy surgery and doctor appointments. Grandmama and Granddaddy, you are very special people and we love you and thanks for the sacrifice you made for us. The girls keep saying how they wish you could live here all the time. Thank you.

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