Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going Camping

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but we wanted to wait to make sure everything was clear for Sarah. Again, our Heavenly Father is merciful to allow Sarah's numbers to go up fast and be cleared for chemo on Wednesday. This has allowed us to accept the blessing Pine Cove Camp has given us with a week long family camp. (There website is

They are going to take good care of us and we have already talked to the hospital in Tyler to make sure that our doctors at Children's Medical will have their direct numbers in case Sarah develops a fever. Pine Cove has also assigned Sarah her own personal caretaker to hang out with Sarah as the other kids do things that Sarah cannot do, i.e. swim, run etc. Sarah is excited to get to know another older sister in Christ and spend time doing crafts and horseback riding.

For Anne and I, we also get a huge break with having renewal time for our marriage with seminars from a Family Life speaker. So this blessing is huge and we are so excited. I can't promise another video, but we will post pictures. :)


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Congrats to Sarah Grace, and all the Clarks', on making it to the maintenance stage. There are lots of pills, and more pills, but the SCHEDULED monthly doctor visits surely are a welcome change from the surprise ER visits. Not to mention Sarah will feel MUCH better and all ya'll can return to a "normal" life by going out in public, returning to church and school functions, and relaxing a wee bit.

You will be changed forever by the journey on which you find yourselves. As I read through your blog I am amazed at how you continually manage to accept God's will and believe that He has a glorious plan for us all. Walking this path with my son's A.L.L. has changed how I hug my children each day.

Thank you for the many updates and prayer opportunites. A toast to November!

Bemidji, MN

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