Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Day

The doctor just let us know that it will be one more day in the hospital. They have one more test to finish and it could not be sent over the weekend so they will not receive the results until tomorrow. At that time, they will know if it was a "contaminated" test result or the exact germ.

The good news is the second culture went the entire 72 hours without any germs so whatever it was, it is gone. The fruit of the spirit of endurance is much needed at this time. I am a little frustrated in the process. We know they have to be super conservative in dealing with bacteria infections but this is still not fun.

So we are on 38 days and counting for the number of days in the hospital in 2010. A record I never want to come close to repeating! :)

Blessings and Merry Christmas

P.S. I thought you might enjoy the picture of my beautiful women.

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Dave said...

my favorite endurance verse...when things get dark for me during endurance events....although they do pale in comparison what little Sarah Grace endures...and so the child shall lead them...her middle name is is ordained. PRESS ON! Phil. 3:14

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