Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update on Sarah

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouraging emails/phone calls. Sarah is doing ok. She is not really showing any symptoms of an infection. She does not have a temp and the diarrhea has almost stopped. They believe some of the diarrhea is from the powerful antibiotics.

The good news is the second blood culture is not showing any infection for 48 hours. Her stool culture is still showing negative to any of the nasty stuff like ecoli/ salmonella etc.

The problem is they still don't know why the first blood culture showed positive and it takes a couple of days to isolate this germ. Soooo that means we will be in the hospital until tomorrow or Tuesday. This of course is really cutting it close to Christmas and we are not finished wrapping presents!!

As Anne wrote the other day, this trip has been different. We have experienced a few unique opportunities to share His goodness, and love on others in the hospital. Since Sarah is not showing any signs she is easy to take care of except she is starting to get agitated because she can't leave her room. This is the biggest prayer request is to give her peace until they release her to walk around the floor and see other people.

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