Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Hospital Stay

Sarah had a low fever Wednesday night and she still had a bit Thursday morning, so we called the clinic. They had her come in for routine IV antibiotics since she still had some fever and they did a blood culture. Every thing else looked fine so she came home. Around 2:45am that night or morning, my dad came knocking at our door. Sarah's oncology doctor had been trying to reach us and both our phones were on silent! So she called my dad hoping she wouldn't have to resort to the police coming to knock on our door - that was the next step!
Sarah's blood culture from earlier in the day came back positive with a germ or bacteria or something in her blood, and they needed her back in the hospital right away as it could be serious.
So Jay took her to the ER in the Children's Hospital in Plano and they admitted her. She will have to stay until they can figure out what the germ is that the blood culture is growing.
Meanwhile, she is on some heavy IV antibiotics that cover a lot of different germs, but they are giving her some bad reactions of swelling, itchiness, and diarrhea and cramps. The diarrhea started at home though so they are testing that too to see if it could be part of this bug.
We will be in the hospital for a few days, so please pray for Sarah and our family. We know that God wants us there for a reason and we feel strongly that there is a ministry opportunity and some way he wants to use us to show His love and bless our family. So, we are excited about that.
Thank you for your prayers.
ps. The ironic thing is that today was Sarah and Hannah's well-checkup for turning 8 and 6 years old. Of course I cancelled Sarah's, but Hannah went and all is well for her:)

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Mollie said...

My heart is breaking reading this post. Fervently praying for Sarah and the whole family! May the Lord give the doctors wisdom and guidance in diagnosing the problem so they can properly kill the germs in her body, and that Sarah would have a very speedy and resilient recovery! I know your family will continue to be a light throughout the hospital. Love you guys dearly!

Mollie "Block Party"

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