Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are home!

We just arrived home after a stressful morning. It is a huge blessing that Sarah was able to come home before Christmas, but she was sad because her port had to stay assessed which is an inconvenience for her and require a daily home visit from a nurse to give her antibiotics. Although once she arrived home she was happier from playing with her sisters and almost forgot she still had her port assessed!!

It is amazing how God uses our children to speak to us. This morning we were trying to wait patiently for our discharge and Sarah said "Daddy, I really don't care about presents for Christmas anymore, I just want to be with my family." It reminded me that God ordained Jesus to be born into a family and that first Christmas was centered on family. A mother/father and child. May we all slow down enough to see how important our family is to us. I pray God doesn't send you to the hospital for a week to see that! Maybe He can use us to show you. :)

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