Monday, January 3, 2011

A new beginning

Today I rejoice because I am sitting at the gymnastics class not just watching Hannah, but Sarah Grace also. She is running, smiling, jumping and having fun. As this time last year she was weak, tired and sick. God continues to heal her and it brings so much joy to see her enjoying life a little.

Overall Sarah is doing really good. They have stabilized her liver enzymes, her ability to metabolize the toxicity of the chemo along with keeping a high metabolism that fights off the return of cancer cells are all really good. Her ANC is leveled at 1500 which they want so all in all we are thankful that everything is finally stabilizing. Of course, she has her spinal tap on Wednesday which is a nasty reminder that some things in 2011 will not change. She is already nervous about the procedure so please be praying for her. After Wed, we will only have 5 more to go!!! (once every three months ending in April 2012)

Also, I ask for your prayers as I start on another trip. It is ironic that I will be in Hong Kong on January 15th which is the one year anniversary of her diagnosis. It might be harder than I think but what I have realized in remembering 2010 is not just the hurt but the awesome presence of Jesus, which brings joy in the midst of the trial.

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