Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daddy is home

Jay is back home, and we have had no more ER runs. Sarah is doing fine and has just had to go to the clinic for routine blood checks and chemo.
It is nice to have these normal days. Some might say boring, but we praise God for boring:)
Although, with three little girls and a jetlagged daddy, you might think our days are anything but normal. Just trying to get through the homeschool daily schedule, keep Rebekah from coloring on everything in sight(where does she get these writing instruments?), and trying to catch my breath as I carry my big belly from one room to the next, is enough to keep us busy.
Drop by if you'd like to visit. We would love to see you and take advantage of this lull in sickness at our house and ER visits.
We did have a fun outing to the bookstore tonight. When Sarah Grace was in-patient not too long ago, she was shocked that the library at Children's Medical Center in Plano didn't have any American Girl books. So she decided to buy some and give them to the hospital library. We went tonight and she took her money and my coupon (my new thing of not going anywhere without a coupon) and bought 8 books in all. She was so very happy!

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