Sunday, January 16, 2011

Past 24 hours and still clear

We have made it past 24 hours with no high fevers and the hospital hasn't called saying the blood culture has grown any bacteria. So we are out of red alert and back down to orange.
Thank you for the encouraging emails and for checking up on us. I can't believe a week has gone by already, and we just have one more week to go until Jay returns.
With the Clark Family Schedule on the blackboard in the kitchen and with a few errands and classes for the girls here and there, the time moves along nicely each day. And of course, rest time for all from 1-3pm is faithfully enforced for the sanity of all - or maybe mostly for mommy's.
We do miss seeing our friends around here though and would love to have you for a visit anytime:)

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Dave & Sara said...

Wish we could visit! But, you're in our constant prayers! If you're ever in the UAE (Dubai), our home is your home! Dave & Sara Barteaux

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