Monday, April 26, 2010

Another ER run

We are in the hospital tonight. Sarah has been feeling unwell these past couple of days and her temperature finally rose to the magic number of 101.5 where we have to call the hospital and the hematology-oncology doctor on call said to bring Sarah in. I did try to convince the doctor that Sarah probably isn't neutrapenic (good white blood cells lower than 500) so we could just go to the Legacy hospital campus and not go all the way downtown. The doctor agreed and so we are at least close to home.
Her blood numbers looked like her body was trying to fight the virus or whatever she has, but she needs a little help. So they are giving her IV antibiotics, fluids and they are checking her output for a while longer to make sure she isn't too dehydrated since her heart rate has been elevated above normal since we arrived at the ER. She is feeling better now with all the medicine though.
It has been a bit traumatic tonight though as they had a hard time accessing her port (the thing under her skin that is connected to her heart) to draw blood and then give antibiotics and such. So we had lots of tears and sadness since it took over 30 minutes or so with lots of pushing and moving the needle around and such. Even with all of that, Sarah did so well. With big tears coming down, I saw her flinch when they kept having to push the needle far down and all around to try and find the right spot. She never screamed out loud although I saw she wanted to. Such a brave girl.
Hopefully we will be all settled back home soon.

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Claire said...

Thinking of you and praying lots. I hope Sarah is doing better today. Claire xo

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