Friday, April 2, 2010

Sisterly Affection

Thanks again for your prayers. We know that our treatment days would be so much harder without the presence of our loving Savior. Sarah's liver enzymes were low enough to have the treatment today. This was great news, but it means we will have to battle this problem again when she has the 6mp chemo pills during maintenance. This of course will be another day, but today we are rejoicing. Speaking of Joy, Hannah Joy wanted to encourage her sister so she came along for the treatments today. The picture shows them playing around while we were waiting for the doctor. The nurses and doctors at the clinic do a great job allowing the kids to be kids.

When they brought the needles to access Sarah's port, all you heard was Hannah saying "oh my goodness!". As they were pushing the needle into Sarah's port, Hannah's face was hilarious. She was showing all of the anguish, excitement and concern in one expression. Even the nurses started laughing.


Koop Tribe said...

That is so precious and amazing. Please tell Hannah I think she is so brave and special to go with her sister to encourage her!! Happy Easter Clark's!

Justin said...

That's so good to hear. You'll have to take a picture of Hannah's expression next time!

goodknightfairmaiden said...

Happy Easter from the Horscrofts. You are all in our thoughts every day. I can only imagine what Hannah must have been thinking. Maybe you have a future doctor on your hands!

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