Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Treatment Schedule

Last week Sarah started the Interim Maintenance stage of her treatment. This lasts for 56 days and she will receive treatments every 11 days. So this means we will be at the clinic on Good Friday for a treatment. She will have two different fusions, but thankfully she will not have another spinal tap until the 21st of April. Below are the dates of the treatment for this stage.

April 2nd- 2 infusions
April 12th- 2 infusions
April 21st- spinal tap, 2 infusions
May 3rd- ECHO, 2 infusions

This stage ends around May 18th and then she will start the final stage of the intensive program.

We are on the second week of a consistent schedule which is making our life much better. All of us feel we are accomplishing small steps throughout the day. These small steps signify returning to a type of normalcy in our lives. This is a huge blessing, but we know at any day, time, place that all that could change with an infection so in the back of our minds we still wonder if/when we will be making the hospital trips again. To date, Sarah has only suffered one fever since starting the treatments two months ago. This is a great example of God's mercy in our lives.

As we learn more about the cross during the Easter season, we are reminded how our Savior is incredibly gracious and merciful to us. Through His death and resurrection, we have been set free from the bondage of sin which means we can find joy in Jesus even while Sarah battles cancer.

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Koop Tribe said...

Thank-you for continuing to post these so we can also have specific days to be praying for these things!! We will pray for many more 'normal' days!

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