Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little Chefs

Sarah has been nervous lately since she will start back on intensive treatments this Wednesday. During this last week, she has had a rest to let her body build back up a bit in order to be able to take the coming chemotherapy. We know that she will most likely not be able to participate in many things and not feel well enough to want to, so we are taking advantage of this time and doing some fun things. We still can only do one thing here and there as Sarah gets tired so easily. But she isn't whining about it as much when the exhaustion comes from doing fun outings!

We have received some wonderful meals from our caring friends lately which has helped lessen my dinner anxiety - you know, when it is 5pm and you still haven't come up for air since 7am and therefore have not thought about what to feed your family for dinner yet.

One sweet friend brought a few frozen dishes to last us a while and some neat pencils that turn into paint when you wet them. She stayed for a while helping the girls with the craft, which gave me a nice break. She then suggested for the girls to come to cook with her mom at their store - Young Chefs Academy in Frisco ( Her mom, Chef Nana, was going to be doing some things in the store and wanted to do a special class for Sarah and Hannah, since Sarah can't be with lots of kids in a class. We have gone to birthday parties there before so Sarah and Hannah remembered how fun it was and the were so excited that they wanted to go right away. So we went on Friday and they got to decorate cakes and make the fondant icing. They did everything like the real kids' cooking classes complete with balloons, gift bags and aprons.

They had such a good time and I was so happy to see them just being kids and doing something they love - cooking, without having to think about the hospital and having cancer and feeling sick. They brought their cakes home and true to their personalities - Hannah wanted to cut hers up for dessert after dinner so we all ate some, and Sarah wanted to keep hers perfectly in the package:)

Thank you so much Ali and Chef Nana for having the idea and for giving us such a wonderful time!

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