Saturday, March 6, 2010

To the ER again

The antibiotics did work their full 24 hours, but almost to the minute (3am) Sarah was in our room saying she didn't feel good. Even with Tylenol, all day her fever climbed and she just stayed on the sofa resting and not eating much. By the evening, the fever had climbed and stayed at the critical number, so we called the hospital again and they said to come in again. I explained the situation to the doctor on-call and he said we could go to the hospital location near us and not have to go downtown. This ER was great too and all the people were super nice. They wheeled in a big flatscreen with a Tinkerbell DVD and Sarah ordered mini hotdogs and chocolate milk from the menu while they took her blood, swabbed her throat (not an easy thing to do to Sarah Grace), and gave her IV antibiotics. Once again, her blood counts were very good and they let us go. We are home monitoring fevers again tonight and feel blessed to be all together for another night. Those I hold most dear are all asleep - my little baby girl, my sweet dark-haired girl, my precious first born, and the most wonderful man I know, who sleeps beside me. I just went around and checked on them all and saw their peaceful faces, sleeping, safe. Life is good.
(Sarah has been a little down these past few days about not getting much email from her friends. If you have a minute, could you, or help your child, send a little note Sarah's way. She would love it.)


Anonymous said...

Be sure to take care of Mom too and see that she gets her sleep! We love you all and an email for Sarah Grace will be forthcoming!

Koop Tribe said...

What a complete and total difference to the 'care' here hey!!!! Wow. no more chinese soap opera's for you guys!!! lol

would love to see some pics of the house!

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