Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We were at the clinic for the better part of the day so Sarah could have a transfusion to be ready for surgery tomorrow. She had decided to get a port since that is what is given to kids here in the States. And her central line is very bothersome and hard to keep dry with showers. Her skin has been getting red, sore, and tender since we have to cover every night for a bath. The port will be under the skin and Sarah can even swim some this summer! But with the weekend in and out of ERs and then with her hemoglobin numbers so low, the doctor wanted to do a blood transfusion to make sure she would be ready. And after a nice day in the infusion room at Children's Medical Center Plano with snacks, TV, and a trip to the prize closet (they even have a Play Station in there!) everything is a go for 6:30am in the morning! The wonderful Child Life specialist gave us a tour of the surgery floor today and put Sarah's mind at ease. Kate even gave Sarah a sample from the surgery floor Slushie machine.
Please pray for our day in the surgery ward and for Sarah's nerves as it is always a bit stressful for anyone to have surgery.
To get ready for surgery and have a fun outing, we went to this new out-of-the-way park we found, but it was full since school was already out (the day at the hospital was a bit longer than we anticipated). So Sarah couldn't really play much on the fun park stuff since it was so crowded. But we have a fun time with our picnic basket and walking across the bridge on such a beautiful sunny day.


Claire said...

It does look like such a beautiful sunny day! We'll be praying for Sarah for tomorrow. Love, Claire xo

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Glad you got out as a family!!! Praying for surgery. Will show Lily the new pics when she gets up!



Our knees will be bent in prayer tomorrow for precious Sarah Grace knowing that God's love for her eclipses our own. We will pray for a successful surgery followed by a complete eradication of this disease!
Joining you in prayer,
The Aldis Family

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