Thursday, March 18, 2010

Refreshing Sunset

Tonight as we were coming home from having dinner with friends at Rainforest Cafe, we saw a beautiful sunset. I was reminded why I love Dallas when I saw the big blue sky and the sun showering us for the last few minutes of daylight. We all just thanked God for all of the blessings He has given us. It was a great reminder of how He is working in so many ways through so many people. It is very humbling.

This week has been fairly uneventful. Sunday we were able to go to church for the first time as a family since Jan.10th. We have always enjoyed attending church wherever God leads and so we have missed that part of our lives so we were thankful to sing together and experience corporate worship as a family once again.

Sarah has had no procedures this week because the doctor is giving her body a rest before this next round of intense treatment. So she has only had a blood test this week and it came back with very good results. Her numbers have been high enough for us to have controlled outings with a few friends this week. We are so glad that people called and invited us out during a week that we could accept!
Tuesday is the last day of the Consolidation Stage and on Wednesday, we start Interim Maintenance. This will be 56 days ,and she will have a tougher time with the drugs. Please be praying for her on Wednesday. She will have a spinal tap, chemo injected into her spine, and then two IV infusions. It will be a hard day for her.

She wanted me to tell all of you thank you for your prayers, cards and support. I am encouraging her to say it in her own words. I told her she could just talk to you through the speech recognition software I have on my computer and that many people would love to hear from her. She is a little shy but I believe she will eventually come around and write her very first post soon.

As I said before, it has been an uneventful week which is a blessing. We are resting in Jesus and enjoying a peaceful week before the storm of next week.

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