Thursday, March 4, 2010

First fever

Rebekah has had a 102.8 (39.4) fever since yesterday evening. And Sarah has 101.1 (38.3) now. It has to reach 101.5 (38.5)before we call the hospital so we are monitoring every 30 minutes. I know I am not supposed to feel that it is my fault and all the doctors say it happens to everyone, but I do feel like I didn't do enough to keep the germs out of our house or I didn't clean enough or isolate enough. I just pray for the strength and wisdom to do the part God has given me to do and then I pray for the faith to trust that God has everything under His control.
I have procrastinated against packing a hospital bag to have ready. I think I might should go do that now. Not sure what to pack, so I'll just go put something in a bag at least.
I am feeling a little removed from daily life since a simple fever can alter the course of our whole week as a family and put us on such an alert that in any coming 30 minutes, we could be on the way to checking in at the hospital. Vulnerable is the word, I think. And a little afraid and angry with a bit of loneliness mixed in. And of course with it being dark outside, all of this is just multiplied as everything is worse in the night.
Thank you faithful prayer warriors. We are constantly lifted up by your intercession and are so grateful you are fighting on our behalf when we aren't able to do so.

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Claire said...

Praying for you all Anne. Claire xo

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