Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exciting Weekend

Thanks for all of your prayers for Sarah on Wednesday. She did a wonderful job and God was so merciful to us during the day. The drugs made her a little tired on Thursday but she has been waiting for this weekend for a long time so she recovered fast.

We started out yesterday hunting eggs at Children's Hospital and today we went to Circle R Ranch for an exciting event giving by All Kids Count. Sarah and Hannah rode horses and did other fun things with their parents and grandparents. Tomorrow, we will go to church and then we go to Disney on Ice at American Airlines Center. Children's Hospital received tickets for kids and their parents so we will be given VIP treatment. All of this has been great for not only Sarah, but all of the kids. For a brief moment, we see Sarah forget her current circumstances and just enjoy being a kid. You don't know how happy that makes me and Anne.

Speaking of Anne, I wanted to share this picture of her and Sarah on Wednesday. They give Sarah games to play so the time can pass faster as she is receiving her chemo treatment. I took this picture because it shows Anne's love for Sarah in such a special way. She has been a great mom during this time. (Also, a great wife!) Considering Anne does not like change, she has adapted very fast to our new home and as always making it an En-Gedi for us. We need this oasis to be spiritually renewed and thanks to the power of our Holy Spirit who uses you to pray for us, we are being renewed.

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Koop Tribe said...

There is indeed something so special about this picture. I had tears in my eyes the moment I saw it! Somehow it captures all that was going on at that moment. You have a very special wife and mother indeed! So glad to hear of all the 'family' blessings - enjoy them all!

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