Saturday, April 17, 2010

blood count update

Friday was another long day for us. It started with me running Sarah to the clinic for a blood test right after breakfast and then coming back home to pick up Anne, Hannah, Rebekah and Pa(my father-in-law who is such a big help). We then drove downtown for Sarah's physical therapy assessment.

We were worried her numbers (690 on Monday) would go down to below 500 after her treatment from Monday. Below 500 means a complete lock down for her. Through God's mercy her ANC number did not go down, it actually went up! She is at 784 which means she can keep her regular treatment schedule for Wed. (On a side note, we've started a new prayer before each needle prick. We say "yes, Lord, yes Lord, yes, yes Lord, Amen." It is to remind us of the song where we ask God to trade our sorrow, sickness and pain for the joy of the Lord. Sarah really likes this and God was good to us. She had her favorite lab worker to take her blood and she did not have a breakdown this time so we say "yes, Lord!".)

The physical therapy was very sad for us. It really showed the side affects of the chemo on her joints and muscles. Sarah has been falling a lot lately and we've noticed that it was not just her "slipping" like she has been claiming. It is actually her right foot that is most affected. From the therapy assessment, we saw that her ankles (specifically the right one) is very weak. She could not even move her foot up and down. To compensate she was having to pick her foot completely up in the air in order to walk which was causing her to fall. She could not stand on one foot using either leg because of her ankles' weakness. Her hamstring muscles are weaker also which is why she needs help walking up stairs and entering the van. If the insurance approves it, she will start going to physical therapy two times a week and she will get some leg braces. The great news is she can do this at the Plano location, but that means three or more days per week going to the clinic.

With all of this going on, poor little Rebekah has another virus. For those who remember our visit in November, Rebekah developed pneumonia during her first trip to the U.S. She continues to be allergic to the U.S. since our return because this is her second virus. Anne called the doctor with her diagnosis of hand, foot and mouth which they said is most likely, and it has been very uncomfortable for poor Rebekah. So please keep praying for us that we keep our sanity trying to keep kids apart and hands washed and of course that Sarah does not contract the virus.

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