Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An interview with Sarah

I've been trying to talk Sarah into a video, but she said no. I finally was able to peak her interest in using my Dictate software so we could send some words from her to you directly. Below is an "interview" I had with her since she could not think of anything to say otherwise. :) I hope you enjoy it.

Interview with Sarah Grace Clark

1. How are you feeling? Good
(- ok that was nice but we need to know how you are really feeling since this is the most asked question.)

My stomach hurting a little and I don't feel good because I am tired.

2. Describe your days when you have treatment?

I have to get up early in the morning and get ready and put emla cream on, it's like lotion numbs your skin over my port. I have to fast, until after treatment, then they put me to sleep it takes five or 20 minutes to have an IT they stopped sleeping medicine from going in I am laying down flat when I wake up.

3. what has been the best part of coming back to the US?

I get a lot of food I get to see my cousins and grandparents, lots of room for me to walk around when my numbers are low

4. what do you miss about hong kong?

I miss my friends, going to Disneyland, I miss the church to.

5. What is the scariest part of having Leukemia?

Getting needles in me

6. If you could talk to everyone who reads the blog in person what would you tell them?

it is hard to go through chemo, thank you for all the presents and cards and prayers.

I will try to have more interviews so you can hear more of her thoughts as she is going through the journey. God Bless,


Sue and Robert Stark said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Good to hear from her what it's like, too.

Sarah, you are being so courageous. I know you talk to God alot about it. He gives you your strength to make it through each treatment and each needle. He gave you such wonderful, loving and caring parents (and fun, too!).

Lily's home sick with a cold again today. She'll read this with me when she's feeling better.

We miss you sooooo much!!
We are praying for you and your family!!!
Love, Miss Sue :)

goodknightfairmaiden said...

So good to hear from you, Sarah. We could actually hear your voice in the response as we read it.

You know we are liviing in the States now too. We are in Minnesota. Can you see it on the map?

Sure, Isla and Will are missing Hong Kong, their friends, the food, and the snacks very much. How could they not, since they have lived all of their lives there? Sort of like you, right? But we have considered that the large parks, clean air and family here in the US are good for us. And, no matter where we are in the world the opportunities for our futures are limitless if we want to take them. Hong Kong will always be there when we are ready to return, and since we have actually just returned from a short visit there - we can tell you honestly that the Disney is smaller than we remembered and we are getting a bit big for most of the rides. Not all of them, it was still fun, of course, but Isla and Will really want to go to Disney in LA or Florida now. Onward and upward. Yeah?

All our love, Elizabeth, Paul, Isla and Will

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