Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At Home

Thanks for all of your prayers. We've needed them!

Sarah came home last night around 1 AM. We could have been home sooner, but they did not tell me that they needed one more urine test result until after I had emptied her urine measuring bowl. This was at 10pm. I felt awful because she would try to go and tell me she was sorry she just couldn't. I told her at 11 that we will just relax and so she fell asleep. I woke her up at midnight and we had enough urine for the test and we were discharged around 12:45. The funny thing is as we were walking to the van she says "Daddy, how did they get my urine?" She did not remember waking up.

We had to go back to the clinic this morning for more antibiotics and blood tests. Her numbers are good but she keeps having a low grade fever. We have to call the clinic in the morning with a progress report. There is a chance we might have to go back in for one more dose of IV antibiotics.

Each time we face hard situations like this I grow in admiration of Sarah as she relies on Jesus with her child-like faith. It is truly a child ministering to her father. I was joking with Anne the other day and said that if I was a person who was going to get a tattoo that represented the way I feel, it would be on my arm and be a picture of Jesus walking on the water, reaching down to pull Peter up. I feel like Peter saying "Lord, save me" as this storm rages in our lives. We know from scripture that Jesus not only saved Peter but he actually carried Peter to the boat. To me, this is a great picture of abiding in Christ. To be in total surrender to Jesus that He carries you. Peter knew he was too weak to try to even walk with Jesus' help. He rested as the Savior did all the work. I pray we find that type of quiet/rest and let Jesus carry us.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jay, Anne, and Sarah,
My name is Todd and we have a mutual friend (Elizabeth Lorentz Horscroft). She shared the link to Sarah's page with me because my four year old son Ben was diagnosed with A.L.L. eight months ago (Aug 2009). I cannot imagine reliving the past eight months, they have been an emotional roller coaster that has tested my faith further than I thought it could go. Ben is doing very well and his new hair is nearly an inch long. For Sarah, something to look forward to is the new hair is THE softest substance on the planet. I frequently rub my cheek on Ben's head and think "this must be what angel hair feels like!" Soon Sarah too will have such wonderful stuff on her head.

We live in rural northern Minnesota nearly a three hour drive from Ben's pediatric hematologist and until last week we lived with our bags permanently packed in the trunk for exactly the ER runs you just did. For spring cleaning last week we took them out. Soon you too will be spending your nights at home rather than making the midnight drives to the hospital! Reading some of your recent updates brought back memories of late nights in teh hospital when I was beyond tired and nowhere near sleeping! I hope you are able to let the care takers He sent take care of you and Sarah -- I continue to be amazed how our friends, family, and community came together to help us through this. Thinking about it as a memory strengthens my tested faith. :-)

If you're interested then we have a Caring Bridge site (similar to your blog) for Ben at . For us it was helpful to read other patients' stories so we would know what to expect with each different round of treatment. It is my understanding that the Childrens Oncology Group has done wonders to standardize the treatment across north America, so many of the stages will hopefully sound familiar.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. When Sarah gets to the maintenance stage (which Ben hit two months ago) the treatments and routine will get MUCH easier for everyone. If there is sometime when you just want to chat then I'm very willing. Beth can put us in touch or you can use Google -- searching for a name like Frauenholtz you won't get too many false hits!

Todd Frauenholtz
Bemidji MN

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