Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God's Timing

We wanted to thank you for your prayers. The central line was not infected so we left the outpatient ward in 1 hour.

Last night God did a wonderful thing for Sarah. After going through the stress of seeing her beautiful hair falling to the floor, we came up with the idea to save some in a bag to remind us. When she was going to bed we were looking through her Bible for verses of encouragement and I was trying to find a verse in Jeremiah 31. Sarah then decides to read Jeremiah 32 to me. She did a great job reading and at the end we all just looked at each other and could not believe it. The application was so obvious for us. This chapter was when God led Jeremiah to buy land and to place the deed in a jar so the remnant would have faith that one day God would bring them back to Israel and they would own land again. Wow! It was just as loud as if God was saying it to Sarah!

We all felt God saying "Sarah, your hair will come back! Keep it in the bag to remember my promise!" It still brings chills to me. What a Great God!

On a funny note, Sarah always wants me to take pills with her. Each morning, lunch and night she has around 6 pills to take. I have used many things like marshmallows, jelly beans and Reese's pieces. The other day I was not at home and Hannah wanted to encourage her sister. The problem is that Hannah has never taken a pill so when she tried to swallow the marshmallow (small one from the cereal) she started choking and we realized this was not a good idea. So we are all learning that there are limits in how we help Sarah! haha


Sue and Robert Stark said...

Well...we're supposed to be encouraging Sarah and you all....and I find ya'll (since you're going back to Dallas) encouraging ME!!

I'm always amazed when God does stuff like this...and then I think..."Hmmm...God IS GOD, afterall...the God of All things and the God who knows all, cares for, sustains, and provides for us! Why am I amazed?!?!?!" :)

Lily asked a lot of questions about Sarah and getting her haircut and using her hair to help others who have cancer.

We were gone all afternoon and then had some "excitement" when we came home (fire trucks outside of our building......false alarm, though), so Lily hasn't looked at the blog today or read Sarah's email.

You all are In His Grip,
Sue (and family) :)

Koop Tribe said...

All I can say is that one gave me goosebumps. Goosebumps and then a few tears.
I agree, he is GOOD indeed!!! said...

Jay, Anne and Sarah Grace,

I've been following your blogs and they certainly sound very familiar. I can ony imagine what it is like to go through all this stuff with your child. Oh the stories that I could tell you guys! But one thing is constant...the Lord will go before you every step of the way! I know you have probably realized this by now. Hard as it may be and yes, you may not be seeking the Lord's heart like you thought you would right now. and you may possibly be coasting through just because you can't emotionally. Don't worry He knows your heart, just claim his promises. He will be there when you can't be. He likes it that way, I promise.
I am praying for Peace and growth for all of you in this very special time.

Sarah you are a brave young lady, Jesus will carry you when you get tired and some little girl will love your beautiful hair. Thank you for growing it so well for her. Jesus loves a kind and generous heart. Sometimes he lets us learn more about him by letting us learn more about ourselves. You and your Mom and Dad and your sisters will learn to lean on Jesus alot more right now and that makes Jesus very happy. He loves all of you so much that he can't wait to show you how big and strong He is. You just be Sarah Grace, and remember that long before you were born God knew you would be born and all the things you would do each day, even this! He is not surprised that you are sick because he knows everything. He does however, know the plan for your life and even your families life. Nothing has changed to Jesus in your life Sarah ( and Mom and Dad), your life journey looks exactly like He knew it would. The hard part is that the journey doesn't look like YOU thought it would! Your life will be exactly as long and beautiful and crazy as it always was planned to be. Don't be afraid Sarah, God has been making you (ALL) who you are for this exact moment. He has given you everything you need to get through all this hard stuff. Your job is to ask him to help you and remind you to trust him through each little thing. You can sweetheart. I know because I was sick and cut my hair off once too. I even had a mohawk and looked like a punk rocker! My kids thought I looked pretty cool and you will look cool too! Don't worry it will grow back quickly and what is important is that you get healthy soon because Jesus probably has some real big jobs for you to do for him. He is preparing you right now to do them.I am asking Jesus to wrap his big arms around you when you are scared and to remind you everyday that He is not going to let go.

You can trust him Sarah. He will always be with you,

I promise and more importantly so does HE!

Chin up Sweetie and all the rest of you too,
much love,

sandy ramirez

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