Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome Home

After fasting all night and morning and then being put to sleep for a spinal tap and then a spinal injection and then having some blood drawn then getting two intravenous chemo drugs, one of which is unstable in light so it must be completely covered, then getting transfused with some extra platelets because her platelet level was so low (11), Sarah was cleared to go HOME!
We couldn't believe they were just letting us take her out the front door. Felt like taking our first newborn child (which was Sarah over 7 years ago) home from the hospital. Even though the hospital experience has been so hard, it has become a security in a way for all of us. It didn't help our nervousness that Jay had to run around the hospital going to the pharmacy to get the multiple medicines Sarah must take many times a day and then to the patient opshop (or whatever the nurses keep calling it) to get tape and gauze for Sarah's central line in her chest. Then they give us the direct telephone line and the paper for readmission in case Sarah gets a 38 degree fever or above, has any bleeding, feels really badly or the exit site of her central line gets infected.
What has been amazing all day is that Sarah hasn't been nauseous once today, even on the ride home! It has been so nice to have our whole family together again. As I sat at dinner and looked around at everyone at the table, for a split second, I forgot what we are going through and about the long road ahead. It still just seems so unreal until I see the bandages on Sarah's neck and the tube coming out of her chest and the tiredness in her eyes and her pale skin.
The next thing to be praying about is the cytogenetics tests that should be back this week sometime that will be able to tell us if the disease came from a chromosome mutation. We go back Wed. and then Sat. for more chemo and each time they will take blood so we can see the progress.
Being back home is great and our cupboards and refrigerator have never seen so much food! Thank you all for the abundance we now have. We feel very, very taken care of.
Thank you all.


Koop Tribe said...

Tears of joy as I think of you all sitting around the table together and the picture of Sarah holding Rebekah. Oh Lord, multiply the moments they have together. Keep them safe Jesus. Give them rest and peace! Amen

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Ditto on the "Koop Tribe" post....don't know what else to add....Praying and more praying and rejoicing and more rejoicing!!!

You are In His Grip!

Becca said...

Yeah for answered prayers! Many more to come!

Claire said...

It is so great to see your smiling faces as Sarah comes home! Praise God!
Claire xo

Donna B said...

Great to see you all together. Please tell Sarah that we are so proud of her and we love her BUNCHES.We know she has been through some tough times and there will be more to come but we have Faith that "this too shall pass". We have the most everlasting arms to lean on that we know He is carrying you all through this. Keep the faith!! We love you all!

Sonia said...

Its soooo wonderful to see pictures of Sarah home and holding little Rebekah. We are continuing to pray for all of you every day.

Sonia, Jong, Isaac and Abigail

Nelson said...

Hi Anne--
Glad to see such a happy reunion. I'm sure you're cherishing the moments :-)
Sue, Anna and Sarah

Dear Auntie Anne-I'm sure you are very happy that Sarah Grace is at home. I hope you can go to America for the treatment.
From, Anna

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