Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going to Texas

I don't know why I ever doubt. God always provides for our needs. He has done so once again and has provided for some wants as well - just because He can and because He loves us so much.
The owners (who are Chinese, by the way) of a great house not far from the hospital have agreed to rent us their house. We have been referred to a nice doctor in America at the Children's hospital and Sarah already has an appointment for her treatment to begin there. Through our last small group in America, we now have a car to use and many others are helping to get other odds and ends we will need when we arrive! We are once again overwhelmed by God's love and provision.
The newest development is that through the amazing efforts of a friend here in Hong Kong, we were able to get Sarah a very comfortable airplane seat. And after some more maneuvering, our whole family is now together on the plane. But the crazy part is that it isn't the one leaving on the 23rd like we previously thought. It is now the plane leaving on Feb. 18th!
So, I am panicking just a bit trying to pack and tie up loose ends. But our wonderful church and friends here in Hong Kong have assured me that anything I need that I had to leave, they will ship to America for us! I just feel so blessed by all our 'family' here in Hong Kong has done for us and continues to do.


Claire said...

It's so wonderful Anne. God knows. We don't. And it's wonderful when we see what he had in store and can feel his peace. Sending you guys heaps of love and praying for His perfect peace that transcends ALL understanding as you race around over the next few days. Love Claire xo

threegirlsandamom said...

God is awesome and he is using you guys to radiate his faithfullness to others and using the Body of Christ to witness to the lost what Jesus Love looks like. You guys are amazing. I am blessed reading your blog each day. Can't wait to catch up with you back home.

Koop Tribe said...

First thing Feshya said 'Oh mom, Sarah is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love her hair!'
I am so thank-ful that we will be able to stay in touch online until you come back, and our prayers will follow you all along the journey!
love you all!

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