Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the Garden

Since we arrived in Texas, Sarah has been in the 'garden' (for us Americans this translates into 'backyard') as she calls it now that she has spent almost half of her life in Hong Kong. She has loved the freedom of being outside and of not wearing a mask.
Today we visited the new hospital and met our new doctor. Sarah was nervous (and actually we were too) to be meeting new medical people yet again. But the whole experience was so great from the wonderful doctor, a great lady who also has two little girls, to the great nurses who joked and laughed with Sarah, to the play therapist who let Sarah put an actual needle into the heart catheter of the chemo patient doll and explained all procedures, to the social worker who is getting us some much needed support. A little girl in the next room even let Sarah come in a see her port a cath, the kind of central line they use here, and watch as she got her blood taken and her medicine put in. Then the little girl's mom prayed for us all before we left the room. It has been an amazing day. Sarah's blood results continue to rise, and she is doing really well which is good since they are about to start chemo again and knock all those good numbers down again.
We go tomorrow to have her spinal tap and last chemo of this first phase. Then they will give us a more detailed road map of the months to come.
We are slowly getting out of jet lag, but that is the main reason for why you haven't heard from us recently. Everyone is just so out of sorts and Rebekah doesn't seem to be responding to my detailed explanations of jet lag and why she needs to start sleeping when it is dark outside instead of when the sun is just coming up.
This whole journey has taken such a toll on us physically and of course emotionally, and we are so blessed to have such support from all our friends and family. We have experienced such sacrifice and love from so many around us. The Bible says in Psalms that God helps the poor and needy. We are definitely in that category and truly have received so much help from God. We all are really always in this category compared to the perfection of God and I am happy to be so, since it says that God helps those people. I am always in need of God's help and so very happy that He so freely gives it. You just humble yourself before Jesus and look to Him for, well...everything. That is abundant life and in that is such relief from anxiety and fear and sadness. And I am in great need of such relief.


Sue and Robert Stark said...

Tears of joy...amidst this trial!!!! So very happy that it's easier and you're getting the support you NEED!!!!!!!!! It hurts me thinking of all the families over here who don't have that support (from the staff).

My good St. Louis friend (whose sister is in Frisco) just asked about Sarah and you all. People are praying!

Lily really wanted to email tonight, but she was pooped....she's waking up at strange times and up for awhile...and we don't have jet lag to blame. Hey, we should call you if that happens again. BTW, we do need your Texas phone number. :)


Koop Tribe said...

Thanks for the picture, would love to see more of the new home. We rejoice with you that the first visit was great, and that so many needs were met quickly! And not just met, but met in a wonderful way. We pray for many many more on all of you. Wish we could be there......

April said...

What a lovely "garden" you have! How awesome for Sarah to be able to go outside. So glad to hear about the positive day. Praying for many more smooth days as this. Love ya'll.

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